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Our Media Products

latinbiz magazine

Through our publication latinbiz magazine,  we cover topics that are important to us and information that is essential for our growth as successful professionals and human beings. Through the profiling of Latinos in our magazine in a much deserved and highly earned professional light, we aim to promote the advancement of Latinos in the workforce while promoting advertising business to the Latino community. 

biz talk radio show with your Host Monica Puig

Join host Monica and her guests, an array of experts in their fields, as they provide hands-on tools that are essential for our growth as successful professionals and human beings. If it has to do with business and self-empowerment, look for it on this show!

Opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns

We can promote your business, products, services, events and special announcements to our 4000+ opt-in email individual subscribers. Our subscribers  work in a wide variety of industries and are employed by organizations ranging from large national or multinational corporations, to small local businesses, to non-profit societies and sole proprietorship- crossing all business sectors. By partnering with latinbiz, your business reaches this targeted audience of influential decision makers.

We help you define your perfect customer and immediate relationship building opportunities for your long-term success. We offer consulting, strategic development services and a combination of networking and relationship strategies built into promotion and marketing campaigns. We work with individual companies or through marketing and PR firms to complement existing or new marketing and PR efforts.  

We can help you plan from the beginning or come in at any stage of your marketing campaign to help you plan, segment and target your audience, as well as track and create successful relationship building responses.  Small are Medium Enterprises (SME) are a potentially significant opportunity for many B2B marketers. We have a strong SME marketing channel. Our campaigns offer measurable results. 


Offering client specific solutions requires us to have an individual relationship with each client.  We create innovative lead-generation solutions that are as unique as the challenges our clients face.



Event Promotion 


Branding, PR and product launches, workshops, speaker events, trade shows, ribbon cuttings, award banquets...regardless your type of event, attendance is crucial. Whether you are hosting an event for 20 or 2000 people, we have creative promotion strategies and the little black book to go with them.  We compliment marketing and PR efforts, so PR and marketing agencies are our best clients. 

We are not event planners.However, our established relationships with top event management professionals ensure our clients receive fabulous corporate event solutions. We also have excellent relationships with local venues and event staff. 

Field Representation. In-Store, Event and Corporate Presentations

Let's face it. Having a full time staff on payroll for occasional presentations can be expensive. There might be a local trade show, in-store/events demonstration or tasting presentations,  an Emcee for a banquet, or even a live presentation that your company needs to make at prospect or client's office. From a one person food sampling or demonstration event to using guerrilla marketing tactics to engage consumers, increase product trials, build brand awareness and deliver sales, we have the bilingual (Spanish-English) professional staff that will always make a good impression as a representative of your company.  Although we are constantly approached by companies to work for them on a percentage of the sale, our professionals are not a sales staff and we do not work on commission. Put simply, we get paid for our time and travel expenses to present your company, product or services to generate leads. 

Custom Publications and Blogs
We create print and online publications, newsletters and blogs customized around your services, products and company.  Informative and entertaining content paired with vibrant graphics will compliment your online, events, and in-store campaign efforts, helping you build a community of followers.  You might be subscribed to one of the blogs we've created for a client, or maybe received an email letter from them that was created by us. You will never know. We are happy to remain ghost writers and help our clients flourish. 

Relationship Building Marketing


Social Media  opened the door to mass communication and numerous sources of communication delivery.  Your outbound efforts must be matched by strategic inbound marketing emanating from strategic search optimization and content that are aligned with your community relations and media relations efforts. 

We recognize the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages.Our relationship building goes beyond technology. We offer specific services for our clients' unique needs.  These include: appointment setting, corporate presentations on behalf of our clients, branding, trade show representation, personal introductions and meeting assistance. Our clients count on us to build the relationships and secure the meetings they need to maximize their time and create the right relationship strategies.

Grassroots Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes your product or service is best promoted by starting from the ground up. Instead of launching a message you hope will appeal to many people, we target our efforts to a small influential group with the goal of having that group spread your message to a much larger audience.  We have an array of creative unconventional or nontraditional methods.Grassroots marketing often costs less than more conventional marketing efforts, but can produce big results.  Grassroots Marketing Campaigns can be a part of your Social Media or Field Representation campaigns.

Social Media

Whether your goal is to increase local business, your customer base, or spread your brand's name nationally, social media is a must for any business today.  We can execute the best platform for your products, services and goals. Did you know that there's a marketing purpose behind the madness of every social media site? Facebook is the best platform for building an online community with your customers.Twitter is the best tool for interacting in real time. Instagram the best site to drive visibility to your brand. ​ makes it affordable for small business to generate video and organic video promotions.  Pinterest is the viral online vehicle to share picture stories about your company and product developments. LinkedIn is the perfect B2B platform to learn who is who in your target companies. Google AdWords is an online advertising network that caters to any budget. If social media campaigns sound like a full-time job, is because it is. 

 We define immediate opportunities for long term success.

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