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I'm starting my career in Economics and Finance.

Recently graduated from FSU with degrees in both Finance and Economics, I am well prepared to pursue a full time career in the financial investments or consulting sector.

Over the last five years, I have become a student of the market dipping my feet in both the stock and options markets. I have developed a passion for the research that is necessary to find great companies to invest in and the feeling of success that comes when you truly do make a good investment.

I would love the opportunity to help other people achieve returns on their money that they may be too afraid or unaware of to go after on their own. I am open to interview for the financial departments in organizations in various industries. Very enthusiastic and self-motivated, I’m seeking to be part of a focused corporate team, where I can collaborate with clients and all members of the organization to achieve business objectives.

I have experience working directly with customers and pride myself on my ability to build and maintain relationships. 

Available for:

Financial and Economics positions and projects.







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