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Are you subconsciously hitting the breaks on your own goals, happiness, and harmony?

If you don't think fear and indecision slow you down from achieving your dreams, try driving on a highway continually hitting your breaks or changing direction. 

You have everything within that it takes to reach your goals.  However, sometimes you need the guidance, support, and tools to free your spirit and ignite your power.

Dive into seven effective steps to free your spirit and ignite your power. 


IIllogicality: We sacrifice our bodies working to own things we often can’t afford. We much rather forfeit our freedom and sacrifice time with our loved ones than do without that expensive HD television or the oversized home. We call this enslavement: credit. We maintain relationships with people who contribute negative thoughts and events to our lives like a cancer. These are just some of the illogical things we do.


Improbability: We forgo our peace of mind over worrying about things that might happen, will never happen, or if they happen we will go through them and get past them. We forfeit our happiness to our ego in exchange for stress and worry.

Free Your Spirit is a seven-step program that will help you recognize and change behaviors that bring no positive growth to your life. The infinite goal of this positive change is happiness, harmony, and freedom.

Everything happens through you. Life is but an experience that we process through our mind, heart, and soul,”  Monica Puig

Free Your Spirit Workshop
Liberate Yourself from Illogicality and Improbability

Take a journey with me that will help you recognize and learn how to change behaviors that bring no positive growth to your life. The infinite goal of this positive change is happiness and fulfillment.  I created this workshop because I, like many, had spent a great deal of my life reacting to everything and everyone around me.  I learned that what I thought were my choices, were actually reactive decisions.  I also learned that our minds work like calculators and unfortunately when we are stressed or overwhelmed, our mind tends to calculate the worse possible scenario paralyzing us with fear in those moments when we need to move forward the most.   Fear blocks our vision to all other possibilities that are in front of us resulting in our actions emanating from reactive decisions rather than proactive choices.  


I discovered that the only way to truly be happy is to let go of illogicality and improbability and take charge of our lives by becoming proactive participants. 

I have packaged into a three-hour workshop what took me years of unnecessary struggle and suffering to discover and created tools that now help me in my own life to be truly happy, complete and the calm in the center of any storm.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing from those who have participated in my workshops that applying these tools helps them too.  




  • discovering the illogical things you do

  • replacing the improbable thought with probable outcomes

  • strengthening self-trust and letting it become more dominant in your life

  • lessening self-domination by your own fears

  • surrendering more to the true source and self

  • releasing doubt

  • being proactive in your life rather than reactive 

“The Free Your Spirit workshop was a great group of business and community leaders. I was comforted to see my peers also were working on their spiritual health. Monica Puig's leadership provided as a conduit to reaching a higher understanding of myself and my spiritual being. After the workshop, I called my mother who happens to be a minister and shared with her the excitement of everything I came to realize and understand during the workshop!”  Rick M.,  Miami, FL.

Learn more about hosting Monica Puig at your home or business for a group workshop or booking a private session.


A Free Your Spirit party is a great way to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening with your family or friends. Brew some coffee, pour some wine, treat your friends or divide the cost among your friends. You decide the type of party you want. 


This is a hands-on workshop with a twist of fun and is also great for singles and couples. 


One-on-one private consultations are also available for individuals or a couple.





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